Al Forsan International Sports Resort: sunset wakeboarding

The 2012 WWA Wake Park World Championships will hit the Al Forsan International Sports Resort, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, from December 6th-8th.

Wakeboarders and wakeskaters from all over the world will be traveling to this fascinating city that seamlessly blends tradition with modern marvels.

"As the second year back to Al Forsan International Sports Resort, the 2012 WWA Wake Park World Championships is going to be one amazing event", underlines Shannon Starling, the WWA President.

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The complete list of cable wakeboarding parks

Cable wakeboarding parks are spreading throughout the entire world. The overhead cable ski systems are constantly being upgraded and turning wakeboarding into a cheap and accessible extreme boardsport.

The popularity of cable wakeboarding parks and camps is undeniable. There are more than 200 wakeboard cableways since the first project built in 1962 as the sport gains an Olympic boost.

The best cable wake parks are designed by architects alongside with wakeboard enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. The overall investment in a cable wakeboard system is quite low.

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Shunyi Olympic Aquatic Park: wakeboarding is welcome here

New wakeboard parks are being opened in France, Germany, Russia, Great Britain, USA, Turkey and Ukraine. The world's most populous country has also a major cable wakeboard facility.

Wakeboarding is the next big thing in watersports. The inclusion of cable wakeboarding in the 2020 Olympic Games shortlist is opening the door to a global growth of these low cost wakeboard facilities.

Egypt will also join this global expansion with its first facility. In the capital of China, Beijing, the Shunyi Olympic Aquatic Park has debuted a cable wakeboarding area, too.

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Professional surfing is a highly competitive occupation. World title races are increasingly tight. And sometimes it all comes down to the wire.

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