Attitude Sails: made for 95 percent of the windsurf population

Attitude Sails is the new windsurfing sail brand.

Attitude Sails has hit the market. It is designed under the roof of Equipe Trading, known for the development of Unifiber.

The new insignia will offer a compact range of five different sail models in various sizes spanning wave, freestyle wave, free ride, free race and free slam categories.

"Because choosing windsurfing sails can be a confusing and frustrating task with so many sizes and categories to pick from. We wanted to make it easier," Attitude Sails explain.

"Attitude Sails distinguishes itself by focusing the development on the requirements of 95% of the windsurf population, mostly recreational sailors to weekend warriors, rather than spending 95% of the development resources on elite competitor windsurfers."

The new windsurfing sails promises that "absolute premium materials are used throughout, to achieve a maximum level of durability and performance".

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