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It is one of the classic questions that has been asked consecutively since the dawn of time. So, why is the windsurf board often called windsurfer?
He is arguably one of the most successful competitive windsurfers on the planet. Meet Antoine Albeau, the man who breathes trophies and records.
As the first attempt at a Windsurfing Hall of Fame (WHoF) by the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) crashed out in 2007, the need for someone to pick the ball up and get it rolling again was calling.
The Windsurfer Class held US National Championships in 1972 and 1973.
Björn Dunkerbeck added another accolade to his legendary windsurfing career by posting the fastest ever time on the water.
2020 has been a disastrous windsurfing year for me. The plan was to embark on a full-season mission on the International Windsurfing Tour (IWT), a long-time dream.