Allison Shreeve

Windsurfer Allison Shreeve failed her record bid to cross the Bass Strait.

The Sidney sportswoman had to pull out due to mild hypothermia and cramps about 80km off the Victorian coast. She had left Tasmania at 7.30am.

Very strong winds met Shreeve near Stanley, on Tasmania's north-west coast. The 27 year-old female windsurfer was expecting a 17 hour course, but very hard leg spasms defeated her attempt.

Support boat boarded her and land in San Remo, 40km east of Inverloch. Windsurfing at 26km/h during the Bass Strait cross journey, Allison Shreeve was surrounded by dolphins and seals, but the world speed record will have to wait.

Allison Shreeve had a 240km trip ahead in order to raise $100,000 for Coastcare. She made it over halfway and will surely do it next time.

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