Luderitz Speed Challenge: fast and fun | Photo: LSC

Up to 40 windsurfers and kiteboarders from 14 countries will compete for world records at the 2015 Luderitz Speed Challenge, in Namibia.

The speed sailing event will be run in the Namib Desert, between October 5th and November 15th. Sébastien Cattelan, the founder of the Luderitz Speed Challenge, wants more world records to be broken.

The annual competition has already staged 12 world records and 75 national windsurfing and kiteboarding speed records. Antoine Albeau, the fastest windsurfer on planet Earth, will return to Namibia to try and beat his own record of 52.05 knots set on his 500-meter run in 2012.

But he will not he be alone in the wind. Patrik Diethelm, winner of the 2014 Luderitz Speed Challenge, performed a mere 0.90 knots below Albeau's mark and he will be a serious threat, alongside windsurfing legend Anders Bringdal, whose personal record stands at 51.45 knots.

But the one-kilometer speed channel is also ready for the women. Previous world record holder Karin Jaggi will try to reconquer the title from fellow country-woman Heidi Ulrich.

In the kiteboarding competition, Cattelan will face fast opponents. The French rider will try to defend his recent dominance from the attacks Sébastien Salerno, Sylvain Hoceini, and more.

2015 Luderitz Speed Challenge | List of Windsurfers and Kiteboarders

Antoine Albeau
Sebastien Cattelan
Patrik Diethelm
Anders Bringdal
Markus Emmanuelson
Mark Grinnell
Christian Bornemann
Manfred Merle
Sebastien Salerno
Sylvain Hoceini
Andrea Baldini
Thierry Bielak
Farrel O'Shea
Martyn Ogier
Remo Diethelm
Erik Beale
Yann Coadic
Pierre Blasini
Boris Vujasinovic
Alain De Gendt
Zoran Jovanovik
Karin Jaggi
Heidi Ulrich
Martin Toth
Aleksander Goncharov
Christian Maillet
Christophe Richaud
Alberto Possati
Raffaello Gardelli
Francesco D'Urso
Jim Cloarec
Matthias Rottcher
Mitch Waggstaff
Andrew Redfern
Laurent Fesquet
Alain Montauzou
Roger Ornvang
Laurent Heiligenstein
Taro Niehaus
Christian Benzing

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