Thomas Goyard (right): the first RS:X Convertible world champion | Photo: Bellande/RS:X Convertible

Thomas Goyard and Maelle Guilbaud have been crowned the first ever RS:Convertible world champions at Praia da Vitoria, in the Terceira island, Azores.

Twenty-five male and female athletes gathered in the Portuguese Atlantic archipelago for the inaugural foil windsurfing world championships, in an official class sanctioned by World Sailing.

The French armada was able to grab two gold medals, but not all the medals at stake. Sebastian Kornum in the Men's fleet, and Marina Alabau and Emily Hall made sure there we more national flags in the podium.

However, Goyard was too fast and ended up winning the world title with a comfortable advantage over his direct opponents.

"I am extremely happy to get my first ever senior world title, moreover considering it's the first ever world title of wind foil history. I'm so stoked," expressed Thomas Goyard.

Julien Bouyer, who finished eighth overall, managed to land the first back loop ever on a foil windsurfing board.

On the women's division, Maelle Guilbaud was nearly perfect in her adaptation to the foil systems. The French won 14 of the 16 races and blasted her experienced opponents.

2017 RS:Convertible World Championships | Top 3

1. Thomas Goyard (FRA)
2. Sebastian Kornum (DEN)
3. Julien Bontemps (FRA)

1. Maelle Guilbaud (FRA)
2. Marina Alabau (ESP)
3. Emily Hall (GBR)

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