Youp Schmit: the Dutch won the freestyle division at the 2018 OBX Wind

The 2018 OBX Wind was a huge success. The event attracted over 200 racers and had wind nearly every day.

On the final day of competition, cold, 25-30 knot northeast winds invaded the Hatteras Island regatta field, and slalom fleet completed their last races.

Despite the cold air and water temperatures Tyson Poor imposed his experience and stole the show in the slalom category.

Poor, who shared his racing skills and knowledge in a windsurfing clinic, would also take out the exciting and challenging long distance race division.

Youp Schmit ended up winning the freestyle competition. The Dutch landed a massive, ankle dry culo before heading out to the final, and beating his opponents on a larger sail.

2018 OBX Wind | Results

1. Tyson Poor
2. Phil Soltysiak
3. Ian Matthews

Long Distance Race
1. Tyson Poor
2. Boris Vujasinovic
3. Phil Soltysiak
4. Martin Plissonneau
5. Keith McCulloch

1. Youp Schmit
2. Phil Soltysiak
3. Wyatt Miller
4. Mike Burns
5. Jon Sassone

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