Victor Fernandez

From the 2nd to the 5th of January the Spanish Wave/Slalom Championship took place in Almerimar with really good conditions for both disciplines and 57 competitors in total.

Big congrats to Victor Fernandez, who takes the wave and overall title!


Wave Men:
1. Víctor Fernández (Fanatic)
2. Ramón Pastó
3. Miguel Del Toro

Wave Women:
1. María Andres
2. Silvia Alba

Slalom Men:
1. Ludo Jossin
2. Víctor Fernández
3. Ramón Pastó

Overall Men:
1. Víctor Fernández (Fanatic)
2. Ramón Pastó
3. Ludo Jossin

Invented by Southern California surfers, kneeboarding is a crossover water sport that blends the thrill of wakeboarding and water skiing with the adrenaline rush of surfing.

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