2011 IFCA Slalom World Championships: this is a tight battle

German windsurfer Bernd Flessner has conquered the 2011 IFCA Slalom World Championships. The medal races were run and the final decisions came to an end.

In the first race of the day riders, who were placed from 11 to 20, started with a running beach start and had to make it through the beachbreak and sail afterwards through a 3 mark downwind course.

The inside mark was placed in the zone of breaking waves. Young talented Maciek Rutkowski could win the first medal race of the day. Hundreds of excited spectators, who came for the start of the Round Texel race which were held for catamarans only watched the windsurfers fighting it out.

The wind was strong, blowing side offshore with 20 to 25 knots. Most of the sailors were on 7,8 or 7,0 sails, some went bigger, like Vincent Langer, who went on a 8,3 and his big 85 cm wide Slalom board.

In the second medal race, the top 10 sailors fought it out and again it was 42-year-old German Bernd Flessner, from Norderney, who took the hammer down and the IFCA Slalom world title. Danish Kasper Larsen was second followed by French sailor Damien Leguen.

Final results of the 2011 IFCA Slalom World Championships:

1. Flessner, Bernd
2. Larsen, Kasper
3. Le Guen, Damien
4. Langer, Vincent
5. Denel, Jules
6. van Rijsselberghe, Adriaan
7. Asmussen, Gunnar
8. Le Metayer Aurelien
9. Warembourg, Nicolas
10. Hlavaty, Pawel

Source: ContinentSeven.com

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