WaterZ: 200 windsurfers against 100 kiteboarders | Photo: Jan Nielsen

Sebastian Kornum has taken out the WaterZ Downwind Race 2012, in Hvide Sande, on the west coast of Denmark.

There were 200 windsurfers and 100 kiteboarders ready to challenge themselves in one giant fleet on the starting line. "For me personally it was a very important victory. The WaterZ Downwind Race is by far the biggest event in Scandinavia and there is a lot of prestige in it", reveals Kornum.

The windsurfer from Denmark raced with and RS:R EVO4 8.6 sail, on a JP Slalom 78 board, with 46 cm Z-Fin.

"Kiteboarders were surprised that windsurfers were faster, but it seems like they are only faster in certain angles and preferably in flatter water", adds Sebastian Kornum.

WaterZ is water sports event located around the beautiful Danish city of Hvide Sande and includes four main competitions: windsurfing and kitesurfing downwind race, freestyle cable wakeboarding and SUP race.

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