Alex Thomson and his Open 60 has conquered the Volvo Speed Challenge, at Cowes, United Kingdom.

Who could race faster? The Foiling moth, an Olympic windsurfer, an experienced kitesurfer or an Open 60 ocean racing yacht?

Minutes before the start of the Volvo Speed Challenge, Nick Dempsey changed his windsurf board for a longer one, as the wind began building throughout the afternoon. Could he win it?

Sam Lutman-Pauc had already kite crossed the English Channel in one hour and 16 minutes. When there was only one minute to go, the kitesurfer was still far away from the starting line.

In fact, Lutman-Pauc did not fit in the short upwind course.

Nick Dempsey looked good in the first seconds of the Volvo Speed Challenge, but Alex Thomson and his Open 60 crew were flying and showing they've had what it all to win the competition.

"When the wind came in it was amazing. Alex was just getting further and further ahead, but it was still so close! It was a really good race, very exciting - amazing to race next to Alex in Hugo Boss", said Dempsey.

In the end, Nick finished second, ahead of Paul Goodison with his Foiling Moth, and kite rider Sam Lutman-Pauc.

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