Phil Horrocks: alone in the storm

Phil Horrocks has been crowned the 2013 British Wavesailing champion, after winning Cornwall Wave Classic, in England.

Up to 70 wave windsurfers took part in the final round of the British Wavesailing Association (BWA) championship, held in the agitated waters of the Cornish coast.

The Cornwall Wave Classic would decide the new champion and the biggest storm to hit Britain in the last decade provided the perfect playground for jumps and loops.

Waves of up to six meters and 30 knots of winds resulted in epic wave windsurfing action, over the three-day event.

"The waves were pretty hectic. It was one of the heaviest wave conditions I've ever sailed on! I carefully picked my waves and rode them as hard as I could! There was no time to hold back", explains Phil Horrocks.

"Last year, I came so close to winning the overall title. Finishing second left a bitter taste, as I fell agonisingly short, and it was something I wanted to put right! I'm super happy to have won the British Wavesailing Championship, in 2013!".

Ross Williams finished the season as runner-up, while Ben Proffitt kept third place overall.

2013 British Wavesailing Association | UK Wave Tour:

Pro Men
1. Phil Horrocks (Gaastra, Tabou)
2. Ross Williams (Gaastra, Tabou, Vandal)
3. Ben Proffitt (Simmer, Simmer, O'Shea)

1. Tris Levie
2. Stuart Cowling
3. Duncan Knox

1. Dave White
2. Stuart Tilbury
3. Geoff Hautman

1. Jony Price
2. Julian Leach
3. Sam Latham

1. Justyna Sniady (Simmer)
2. Emma Ray (RRD, RRD)
3. Debbie Kennedy (Hot Sails)

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