Ben Severne is the 2013 Australian National Wavesailing champion

March 22, 2013 | Windsurfing
Ben Severne: wave windsurfing master | Photo: White Caps

Ben Severne has taken out the Australian National Wavesailing Championships 2013, in Gerroa, New South Wales.

The Australian National Wavesailing Championships have been held since 1986. Last year, the title was won by Jaeger Stone, who managed to beat Ben Severne, in a close final.

This year, and after eight days of competition, Severne conquered the title for the second time in his career. It was a hard-fought victory, after a "of luck and sunscreen on the other guy's boom".

The weather conditions were quite difficult, but riders managed to sail every day, except one. In the last day, good winds blessed the final heats.

"Whilst it wasn’t classic, sunny Gerroa it was still head high and powered on a 4.7m2, so can’t complain too much. It seems there’s a setup there that will handle just about any wind direction, so it’s really a great windsurfing location", explains Ben Severne.

"Having a really light rig is critical, after sailing a few heats and burning all your energy. I always think of the weight the other guy is swinging around with his rig, and it makes me feel a little better".

There were four wave windsurfers riding with Severne Sails in the highest places of the podium. Jessica Crisp won the Women's division and Oliver Cox won the Youth 21 title.

Australian National Wavesailing Championships 2013 | Results

1. Ben Severne
2. Mick Westra
3. Brett Goodwin
4. Shane Finnigan
5. Andrew Morris

1. Jessica Crisp
2. Kate Barker
3. Jessie Holder
4. Cheryl Cater

Youth 21
1. Oliver Cox
2. Forrest Ladin
3. Kai Bates

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