Bernd Roediger claims the 2013 AWT Aloha Classic

October 27, 2013 | Windsurfing
Bernd Roediger: stealing the Maui show

Bernd Roediger has taken out the AWT Aloha Classic, in classic wave and wind conditions, in Maui, Hawaii.

With the final extended to 20 minutes, riders would have more time to impress. As four riders entered the water, it was clear that we were about to see something special.

The only question really was which one of the riders would move into another gear, and fight hardest for the win. Bernd showed no nerves as he lined up his first wave at Middles.

He busted a huge air, which he backed up with solid vertical turns. On his next wave he linked powerful and skatey turns with a taka to finish. With just two waves down, it was clear that Bernd would be hard to beat.

Camile was not quite finding the set waves or landing his moves cleanly, but still managed to have one wave with three aerials which scored big.

Fighting from behind, Levi progressively closed in on Bernd. Thanks to a perfectly executed 360, and some aggressive rides he was close, but was ultimately one more big one short.

It was the 17-year-old Bernd Roediger who took his second successful AWT event victory and second AWT Maui title.

"Another final at Hookipa! I was standing on the beach and I couldn't believe it. When they called out the final four I was struck by an overwhelming thought", explains Bernd Roediger.

"If I was going to go on a surf trip to score sick waves there are a lot of people I would ask to go. Three of the top names would obviously be Keith Teboul, Levi Siver, and Camille Juban. They have inspired me to dream the impossible".

2013 AWT Aloha Classic | Results

1. Bernd Roediger 
2. Levi Siver
3. Camile Juban
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