Bjorn Dunkerbeck is the fastest in Napoleon Beach

November 22, 2010 | Windsurfing
Bjorn Dunkerbeck: he beat kitesurfers

Bjorn Dunkerbeck has been crowned winner of the Speed Classic 2010, in Napoleon Beach, France. The windsurfer set an average speed of 35.66 knots (66.04 km/h) and claimed first place between all riders, kiteboarders included.

The speed races were held in medium-to-strong winds.

"I used the W54 on my first run with a Reflex 5.6 and I had to size one up to 6.2 when the wind dropped a little. Still, insane conditions. During the on-shore speed day I used the iSonic 90 WoodCarbon with a Reflex 7.0, but later on that day I switched to the 107 with a 7.8. Always tweaking for the best possible results!", said Dunkerbeck.

Still, the record remains with Cyril Moussilmani. In 2008, he established the bar high at more than 38 knots. This time, the second place was cleared by Benoît Moussilmani and third by Anders Bringdal.

In the kitesurfing zone, Sylvain Hoceini took the top honors followed closely by Sylvain Maurin and the young Benoît Jouffret. Alex Caizergues won the first round but had to fly to Cabarete for a professional appointment.

The 2011 Speed Classic promises an international week dedicated to windsurfers and kitesurfers but also to sand yachts, kite flying chariots, and other speed machines.