Bjorn Dunkerbeck wins the 2010 Dakhla Festival Long Distance Race

February 28, 2010 | Windsurfing
Bjorn Dunkerbeck: windsurfing speed king

Nearly 25 selected riders were on the starting line for this first long-distance race of the 2010 Dakhla Festival. The forever leader Bjorn Dunkerbeck was leading from the beginning of the race and logically he finished first of this Moroccan competition. Bieuzy Mauffrey, from France, took 2nd place closely followed by the young french slalomer Pascal Toselli.

In the kitesurf discipline, Alex Caizergues, french kitesurf world record owner, is very glad of this opportunity to challenge the windsurfers.

All the competitors talked about the particular nature of the course. The lagoon of Dakhla gives us a unique place to ride.

"On the water, in the middle of the bay, we can glance at the sand dunes background, says Sarah Hébert, 1st women rider finishing the race. We even hesitate to stop on the coast to see this landscape closer."

Besides this incredible environment, we can see a complex course, "physical, long and hard" in Bieuzy's words when he arrived on the beach. "This is the most difficult long-distance I've ever known," said Bieuzy.

Sailing on very large legs, the riders are finally evolving in an extreme environment as they is still a risk for them to sail the wrong course!

Once arrived, Bjorn explained: "Even if we didn't sail for 80 km today, we can already imagine that the course will be very long when feeling the result of 40 km in our legs!" Even the great racing experience of the world champion was challenged, and he confided us: "I tried to stay close to the sailors' group so that I don't lose myself, with keeping a certain distance to win the event."

Sjoukje Bredenkamp, Speed Sailing Record woman, had to give up. She said she was completely lost on the water, and that it would have taken too much time for her to try to catch up with the group! But whatever happens, she just keeps smiling and enjoying the trip. Anders Bringdal, greatest Bjorn's rival, had to give up too because he broke his equipment on the first leg... you'll have more info from him soon.


1 - Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Windsurf)
2 - Bieuzy Mauffret (Windsurf)
3 - Pascal Toselli (Windsurf)
4 - Ludo Jossin (Windsurf)

1st kitesurf : Alex Caizergues
1st women: Sarah Hébert (Windsurf)