Camille Juban wins 2011 Maui Makani Classic

November 2, 2011 | Windsurfing
Camille Juban: unusual name for an unbeatable windsurfer

"Monster Monday" delivered huge 6-8 foot surf for the competitors of the Maui Makani Classic 2011, making it incredibly challenging and exciting for pro windsurfing.

Veteran Ho’okipa sailor Josh Stone called it when he said the tricky conditions were going to leave lots of sailors on the rocks - indeed, not ten minutes into his first session, the Ho’okipa veteran took his own trip into Ho’okipa’s infamous rock garden. Fortunately, most sailors were able to to avoid the danger, and navigate the light winds, and the contest was on.

Organizers charged right into the double elimination bracket for Amateurs and Youth, mixing in the final heats from the Expert single elimination. Waves started at about logo high in the morning, and quickly pumped to near mast-high conditions as the day went on.

The expert division drew a huge crowd to the bluffs and plenty of ooh’s and ahh’s from the judges as the best sailors in the world ripped into classic Hawaiian surf. While the wind went slightly lighter in the afternoon and organizers had to give up hope of starting the expert double elimination rounds, the single elimination was completed in exciting fashion.

In the Master’s Class Jeff Henderson claimed the title, in the Youth it was Morgan Noireaux. Junko Nagoshi took the Women's division, while Jay Lee won the in the Amateur division. In the expert’s division, Camille Juban simply dominated Kai Katchadourian, Marcilio Browne, and Josh Stone.

The last three heats of the day - youth, amateur and expert - were incredibly exciting for our spectators and web audience as the competitors dropped into massive waves.

2011 Maui Makani Classic 2011 | Results


1. Camille Juban
2. Marcillio Browne
3. Josh Stone


1. Junko Nagoshi
2. Anne-Marie Reichman
3. Ingrid Larouche


1. Jehyug Jay Lee
2. Neil Turpin
3. Jordan Reid


1. Jeff Henderson
2. Giampaolo Cammarota
3. Yasuhito Ogasawara


1. Morgan Noireaux
2. Bernd Roediger
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