Daida Moreno makes history in wave windsurfing

November 5, 2013 | Windsurfing
Daida Moreno: fit, strong and airborne

Daida Moreno has been hailed the most successful female windsurfer of all time. Having battled cancer, she claimed yet another PWA Wave World Tour title.

Daida has dominated the world of windsurfing, together with her twin sister Iballa, for well over a decade. Having recovered from a potentially life-threatening cancer, Daida is fitter, stronger and more dangerous than ever.

"This title has a very special feeling for me, a psychological feeling, because I win being patient, with effort, courage and strength to move on with life. Sometimes I think I must be some kind of masochist, but the truth is that I need windsurfing in my blood to stay alive.", explains Daida.

The Spanish windsurfer who loves pushloop table tops, and backside and front side 360s, is probably the best wave windsurfing in the history of the sport. But, she hasn't stopped challenging herself. University physiotherapy studies are underway, too.

"My winter will be hectic, at university everyday and rotating around different hospitals for practice and windsurfing every time there is wind. If there is no wind I keep up my training with surfing, SUP, basketball and hiking up on the mountains", adds Moreno.

The legendary twins have now won an astonishing 23 world titles between them, and show no signs of letting anyone else into contention, anytime soon. The healthy Daida versus Iballa rivalry will ensure unforgettable clashes in the near future.