Dany Bruch goes tow-in windsurfing at the Siam Park

December 20, 2010 | Windsurfing
Dany Bruch: inventing new things

Dany Bruch may have invented a new windsurfing discipline. The intrepid windsurfer is trying the advantages of tow-in applied to wave sailing.

He is currently testing the conditions for tow-in windsurfing at the Siam Park in Tenerife.

This water park generates waves - right and left-handers - which, combined with the power of a jet ski, may let you fly high.

Bruch reached three meters high. Breathtaking, isn't it?

"During the day, Siam Park is a massive and sick water park, with big slides and lots of entertainment, but after it shuts down in the evening, that amazing wave pool starts to work," said Bruch.

"A couple of days of training on open sea were necessary so that we were fully prepared when we got in the pool, as space is limited there, and we only had two hours in total to make a good show."

Let's see what Dany will show us in the next months. The new discipline could fit an indoor show at the 2011 PWA World Tour. Why not?