David Garrel races to victory at the Belgian Speed Week

April 16, 2012 | Windsurfing
David Garrel: pride of Luxembourg

David Garrel has started the 2012 ISWC European Speed Tour with an important victory at the Belgian Speed Week.

Sunny skies, steady contestable winds and good vibes surrounded windsurfers during the competition held in Grussian, south of France.

After two days of light breezes, there were two consecutive heats, both in the 22- knot wind range. On Friday, there was a good race and the final rankings stood out.

Patrick Van Hoof, the organizer of the Belgian Speed Week, announced this was the last event that he would be setting up. He hopes someone else will take up the challenge to take over continue running this fantastic and popular competition.

Garrel took the gold medal and he was followed by Thorsten Mallon and Patrick Van Hoof. The windsurfer from Luxembourg took three bullets out of three counting races. Impressive.

Top 3 Results

1. David Garrel ( North/Fanatic)
2. Thorsten Mallon (North/PD)
3. Patrick Van Hoof (North/Fanatic)

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