David Garrel wins 2011 ISWC European Speed Windsurfing Tour

October 24, 2011 | Windsurfing
David Garrel: his sails is under construction

David Garrel and Zara Davis have been crowned the official 2011 ISWC European Speed Windsurfing champions. The riders from Luxembourg and England secured their speed sailing title in the last round of the Tour, held at the Weymouth Speed Week, in UK.

In the windsurfing division, Garrel accelerated to victory with an overall speed of 35.742 knots. He was closely followed by Kevin Greenslade with 34.393 knots and Patrick Van Hoof with 34.268 knots.

Zara Davis competed in the Masters division and speeded up to 31.288 knots. She is the fastest female windsurfer of the 2011 ISWC European Speed Windsurfing Tour.

Despite the overall result, there was only one man that David Garrel could not beat. The kitesurfers David Williams was the fastest European sailor after recording a maximum speed of 36.250 knots.

In the Top 10 speed sailing list, there are four kiteboarders and six windsurfers.

2011 ISWC European Speed Sailing Tour | Results

1st David Williams 36.250 Kite Board
2nd David Garrel 35.742 Sailboard
3rd Alex Bradley 35.395 Kite Board
4th James Longmuir 35.372 Kite Board
5th Kevin G. 34.393 Sailboard
6th Patrick Van H. 34.268 Sailboard
7th Torsten Mallon 33.966 Sailboard
8th Dan Sweeney 33.943 Kite Board
9th Antony Baker 33.803 Sailboard
10th Martyn Ogier 33.697 Sailboard