Fastest sailors meet at the Weymouth Speed Week 2010

August 16, 2010 | Windsurfing

Weymouth Speed Week: only the fastest survive

The event will start on Saturday 16th October. The plans to do all speed timing using GT31 GPS units are all now in place.

Manfred Fuchs, the expert behind the software that calculates the speeds from the GPS data, has very kindly made some changes specifically for Weymouth Speed Week to allow us to set optimal courses and develop an integrated results generation system.

The first part of this new system is the on-line registration - so please ensure you complete your details accurately!

We will set specific courses, marked with buoys, as the weather dictates. We will also record wind speed and direction every second and calculate the speed to wind speed ratio and course angle to the wind for each of your runs.

If you do not have a GT31 all entrants to Weymouth Speed Week have been offered a 10% discount by Use your Speed Week payment receipt to confirm your entry and receive your discount. Registration is now open on the Speed Sailing web site.

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