Fastest wind addicts race for the 2013 Walvis Bay Speed Week

September 27, 2013 | Windsurfing
Walvis Bay Speed Week: Namibia is the country of wind

The 2013 Walvis Bay Speed Week will be held at Erongo, in Namibia, between 26th-30th September.

The Walvis Bay Speed Week is open to windsurfers and kiteboarders. The speed sailing event works on a race system, which means riders compete on a low-point scoring system.

Each day counts as a race and the winner will be the one who has sailed most consistently over the entire contest. Riders will be scored on the average of their two fastest 500-meter efforts, each day.

Windsurfers and kiteboarders must use a valid GPS unit, such as the Navi GT-11. There will also be prizes for best 5x10-second average, best 2-seconds GPS Max, best Alpha 500 meters and best wipeout.

For a speed sailing race to be considered valid, a wind minimum of 18 knots shall be required in the course area and at least one rider has to register a speed of 30 knot over a 500-meter run.