Finn Mullen windsurfs "Jaws" after injury

April 14, 2011 | Windsurfing
Finn Mullen: a regular day in the office

Finn Mullen, the Irish windsurfing champion, is stoked. After claiming several titles, the crazy windsurfer has taken an infamous wave called "Jaws". Yes, that one.

"Jaws" is known for being extremely difficult for windsurfers. The wave is fast, powerful and deep, making bottom turns very hard for wind riders with a sail.

Finn Mullen is not worried, even after suffering an injury in the last Belmullet Wavesailing final. So, there's not much time to full recovery. It's time to pack the board, mast and sail and hit one of the gnarliest waves in the world.

Finn Mullen has already conquered the Irish Wave Windsurfing titles. In the last months, Mullen has windsurfed giants waves off the coast of Ireland. Whether it's sunny or cloudy, the Irish wave emperor is always ready for the big challenges.

Despite his low-profile, Mullen is one of the best wave windsurfers in the world. Nobody knows Northern Ireland's windsurf spots better than Finn Mullen.