Gollito Estredo towed into victory at Brouwersdam

September 18, 2013 | Windsurfing
Gollito Estredo: king of freestyle windsurfing

Jose "Gollito" Estredo has conquered the DAM7 EFPT Tow-In, at Brouwersdam, Netherlands.

The final day of competition was run in the evening, to literally put it into the spotlights for the spectators and to guarantee some nice floodlit action.

The conditions were looking choppy during the day, with too much wind, however as the evening set in, the wind died and the water flattened off enough for the tow-in to go ahead in almost perfect conditions.

The draw for the second run was set and Taty Frans, who took off to the water first. He came in Clew First, but unfortunately got caught up and crashed hard.

Following him, Adam Sims had a second attempt at the Double Spock, but tripped the rail on the small chop during the first rotation, and also slammed extremely hard.

Kiri Thode in his second run came flying in and stomped an amazing Funnel Into Air Funnel, to which the growing crowd went wild.

Youp Schmit also stepped it up and stuck a nice Burner 900. Anthony Ruenes, who had previously gone for a Flaka Into Flaka 720 slipped off at the end. This time he came in and flew through a One-Handed Flaka into One-Handed Shaka.

Gollito came back in the second round to stick the same move as he did in his previous attempt, and nailed it almost perfectly.

Matissek, who was in first place after round one, came in and also wanted the Flaka into Shaka, but it looked like he lost a bit of speed and just got caught up on the Shaka part of the move.

Estredo showed the most technical, powerful and the cleanest landings, and ended up taking the third stage of the 2013 European Freestyle Pro Tour (EFPT) season.

DAM7 EFPT Tow-In 2013 | Results

1. Gollito Estredo
2. Kiri Thode
3. Max Matissek

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