Improve your windsurfing skills at the 2018 Baja Wave Camp

February 5, 2018 | Windsurfing
Sarah Hauser: she will share her wave sailing knowledge at the Baja Wave Camp | Photo: Carter/PWA

Do you want to improve your wave riding? Want to increase your flexibility and your body's ability to perform consistently on the water?

Then, all you have to do is join the first ever IWT Baja Wave Camp, run by Casey and Sarah Hauser, and Joey Sanchez.

Together, Sarah, Joey, and Casey will provide a comprehensive program to get you performing your best leading up to the IWT Baja Desert Showdown, from August 18-25.

The day will start with Sarah's "Warm Up" class designed to get your body and mind ready to charge the day, followed by morning surf sessions to hone your wave skills.

"I believe warming up properly by moving gently and activating key muscles makes a huge difference to your windsurfing performance, no matter if your goal is to land your first aerial, to be out there all day every day or to simply have a good time," explains Hauser.

"When our body works better we can have more fun playing sports! I also believe that setting up time for recovery exercises to focus on stretching and mobility helps reduce the feelings of stiffness and soreness that can occur either after your travels or as the week goes and countless hours are spent on the water."

Mid-morning video analysis and on land tutorials while the wind picks up will lead to on-water instruction with Joey, Casey, and Sarah.

A mid-afternoon break to stretch and recharge will be followed by a golden-hour on the water session, wrapping it up with Sarah's "Recovery" class to cool down from the day's activities and keep you ready for tomorrow.

And as always, a cold Baja Fog with friends to end another epic day in paradise as your skills progress to new levels.

Joey Sanchez: a seasoned windsurfer and instructor | Photo Lucky Beanz/IWT

Joey Sanchez has learned every watersport from windsurfing to surfing to kiteboarding to stand-up paddling, while working at SoloSports over the last ten years.

His time on the water in San Carlos is more than anyone else combined, and after learning from a constant influx of top instructors coming to teach camps at SoloSports, has become quite the instructor/videographer himself.

Casey has over 15 years of windsurf coaching experience working around the globe with riders of every level.

Starting to teach outside the San Francisco Bay area when he was 15 with legendary instructor Jason Voss, Casey has been head instructor for Vela Windsurf resorts in Brazil, instructional editor for Windsurfing Magazine, and hosted numerous private and group clinics on Maui and in Baja with Matt Pritchard and the Pritchard Windsurfing Camps.

Over the years, he's refined a simple breakdown of tips and tricks that help you rapidly progress through the blocks and frustrations of the sport we all love.

Sarah's obsession with training for the right physical and mental state to charge big waves and compete has led her to get her Personal Trainer certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

From teaching basic yoga, fitness and pilates classes, and meditation to working with high-level trainers on Maui, Sarah has designed quick and simple workout routines to keep you in shape and at your best during your trip, as well as practiced at home to keep you fit in between windsurfing vacations or sessions at your local spot.

She's also spent time training alongside world-class athletes such as Ian Walsh, Paige Alms, Jesse Richmann, and Julia Mancuso.

The IWT Wave Camp will cost you $400 for all tuition both on and off the water and includes your own special edit of photos and video highlights of the week. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.