Janis Preiss wins the 2014 Formula Windsurfing European Cup

September 30, 2014 | Windsurfing
Janis Preiss: Formula Windsurfing master | Photo: Neilpyde Baltic Cup

Janis Preiss has won the 2014 Formula Windsurfing European Cup, after a marathon of eleven events held in the Old Continent.

The 2014 European Cup series concluded in Loutsa Bay, near Athens, in Greece, where the Latvian master once again showed why he is the best Formula windsurfer in Europe.

"Aeolus," Ancient Greek God and ruler of the winds, decided to test all sailors to the limits of skill and endurance by delivering ten races in 20-30 knots.

Janis Preiss finished the last day of competition as he started, with a perfect score sheet of ten first places. John Kaju, from Estonia, held on to second place overall, despite not travelling to Greece for the final event.

The battle for third place in the 2014 Formula Windsurfing European Cup came down to a tie-break, in which Karl Erik Saarm stole the bronze medal from Janis Rencis.

Nikolas Skarlatos has been crowned the 2014 Greek Formula Windsurfing champion.

2014 Formula Windsurfing European Cup | Final Rankings

1. Janis Preiss (LAT)
2. John Kaju (EST)
3. Karl Erik Saarm (EST)
4. Peeter Kask (EST)
5. Arvydas Moliusis (LTU)

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