Jason Polakow enjoys heavenly windsurf at Gnarloo

June 30, 2011 | Windsurfing
Jason Polakow: gnarly Gnarloo

Jason Polakow has enjoyed the perfect windsurf trip. The experienced Australian rider and Scott McKercher have traveled thousands of miles to meet Gnarloo and its stunning extreme sports scenario.

"In my opinion, Scotty, is definitely an anomaly amongst other sailors. His passion for chasing great waves is unrelenting, with regular 12 to 15 hour trips a way of life for him", reveals Polakow.

When they arrive at Gnarloo, the picture was quite simple. "The water was crystal clear and the reef was in pristine condition. I honestly have never seen reef so alive and healthy. Right off the beach you could see fans of delicate colored coral and marine life swimming everywhere", he adds.

The photo and video crew immediately knew they would have to work. Hard. The conditions were splendid.

"Jason is a bit like Obelix, where it’s like he fell into the Red Bull vat as a kid and shouldn’t be allowed anymore. Jason wakes up full revs and is onto it. 'C’mon, c’mon, let’s go... And that’s the pace for the whole day", tells McKercher.

It was show time. With 12-to-15 knot offshore winds and clear bright blue water, Polakow and Scotty only had one goal. "My first drop was like going down a wind surf speed course if any of you can understand that. When it’s that perfect and flat the board makes a kind of flutter sound that comes from the bottom of the board as it hits the tiny ripples of water", explains Polakow.

"I could see why everyone considers Scotty the heaviest ripper in Western Australia. He simply tore the place apart. Super snappy full rail cut backs in the most critical sections. He really had the place wired".

While McKercher keeps coming to Gnarloo a couple of times a year since 1988, Polakow has discovered a new love. "I plan to hit that spot next year but on a bigger swell and more equipment at my disposal so I can really sink my teeth into that perfect wave".

Watch the whole experience.