Jesper Vesterstroem storms the 2015 US Windsurfing Nationals

August 21, 2015 | Windsurfing
2015 US Windsurfing Nationals: Jesper accelerates | Photo: Daniel Gallet

Jesper Vesterstroem is the grand winner of the 2015 US Windsurfing National Championship, a three-day event held in Cabrillo Beach, California.

The Danish windsurfer claimed the Formula and Slalom divisions. Xavier Ferlet, his legendary archrival, had to content himself with a double victory in the Masters category of both Formula and Slalom competitions.

"Amazing event with lots of great people. The weather treated us perfect, and the wind was strong and challenging every day. Big thanks to the organizers, US Windsurfing, and sponsors for making this event possible," wrote Vesterstroem.

Tamara Bockius won the Women's Slalom title. It was the third national title of her long career in windsurfing.

"I didn't think I'd need my small Slalom gear here and left it at home in Maui. But I made it work! This place turned out to be incredibly windy! This title is very special to me. It is my 50th Birthday in January, and this was a gift to myself," added Bockius.

In the Freestyle competition, Philip Soltysiak pulled his favorite air tricks to steal the overall title. The Canadian windsurfer also shared his knowledge in a windsurfing clinic held during the event.

"It's windy nearly every day here, so definitely one of the top windsurfing places in the US! I was also stoked to see a growing freestyle fleet fighting for the US title. I look forward to coming out to next year's US Nationals to represent Canada at the biggest US windsurfing event of the year!" concluded Soltysiak.

2015 US Windsurfing National Championship | Champions

Formula Men: Jesper Vesterstroem (1st overall)
Formula Masters: Xavier Ferlet
Formula Grand Masters: Chris Radkowski
Formula Veterans: Weyman Lundquist
Formula Youth: Justin Scott

Kona Women: Barbara Belt
Kona Men: Cody Steward
Kona Masters: Jason Voss
Kona Grand Masters: Jerome Samson
Kona Veterans: Steve Gottlieb (1st overall)

Freestyle: Philip Soltysiak

Slalom A Women: Tamara Bockius
Slalom A Men: Jesper Vesterstroem (1st overall)
Slalom A Masters: Xavier Ferlet
Slalom A Grand Masters: Soheil Zahedi
Slalom A Veterans: David Whittaker

Slalom B Women: Johanna Yee
Slalom B Men: Cody Steward
Slalom B Masters: Benjamin Pirih
Slalom B Grand Masters: Shaun Geer (1st overall)
Slalom B Veterans: Gary Peer
Slalom B Youth: Justin Scott

Fun Race: Peter Yavien