Joel Ryan shines in the Victorian Wave Sailing Series

March 18, 2011 | Windsurfing
Victorian Wave Sailing Series: make sure to wear sun glasses

Joel Ryan has won the third round of the Victorian Wave Sailing Series, held in Sandy Point, Australia. Windsurfers were greeted with awesome conditions, as 25-30 knot wind and clean swell opened contest heats.

Thirty sailors entered the open expression session and only five windsurfers got through to the 20-minute final.

Alistair McLeod, Andrew 'Hock' Hocking, Joel Ryan, Evan Hawkey and Simon Hanson jumped from the beach seat to drive their sails to the last windsurfing battle.

The last rides were held when swell went flat. Despite the adversity, Hock's waveriding scored high with his long rides and turns. Alistair showed powerful smacks and aerials.

Simon also managed to get some good waves, while Evan and Joel put together a solid overall performance scoring highly on both waves and jumps. Joel managed to pull high scoring backloops and forward loops to be crowned winner.

2011 Victorian Wave Sailing Series | Round 3

1. Joel Ryan
2. Evan Hawkey
3. Andrew Hocking
4. Simon Hanson
5. Alistair McLeod