Laurence Carey wins inaugural Hutt City Windsurf Cup

March 30, 2017 | Windsurfing
Laurence Carey: the winner of the inaugural Hutt City Windsurf Cup

Laurence Carey has taken out the 2017 Hutt City Windsurf Cup, at Rona Bay, Eastbourne, New Zealand.

The competition attracted sailors from Australia, New Caledonia and Russia, and enjoyed splendid wind conditions in the 15-30 knots range. It is clear that the region is the perfect venue for a PWA stage.

The inaugural Hutt City Windsurf Cup was also the first stage of the Pacific Windsurf Cup, a series of events held in New Zealand, Hawaii, Tahiti and New Caledonia.

The races were tight, but Carey proved to be the fastest windsurfer of the event. Max van der Zalm (Youth), and Darren Nicholas (Silver Fleet) also stood out in their divisions.

"I am stoked to have so many top sailors competing in my home country. Competing in New Zealand is always special and winning is the cream on the top. The level was really high and there was no room to make mistakes," Carey told SurferToday.

"It's been a goal to make a world class event and I am stoked to have achieved that. I can't wait to announce what is organised for next year and 2018 is looking like it will be even bigger and better, so make sure you come along and be apart of this awesome event."

2017 Hutt City Windsurf Cup | Top 3

Gold Fleet

1. Laurence Carey (NZL)
2. Fred Morin (NC))
3. Jack Holiday (NZL))

Silver Fleet

1. Darren Nicholas (NZL))
2. David Steele (NZL))
3. Martin Sporli (NZL)


1. Max van der Zalm (NZL))
2. Tom O'Neil (NZL))
3. Ben Davie (NZL)


1. New Caledonia)
2. New Zealand)
3. Australia

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