Matthias Roettcher accelerates to victory at Walvis Bay

October 4, 2013 | Windsurfing
Walvis Bay Speed Week: flamingos love to watch speed windsurfers

Matthias Roettcher has been the fastest windsurfer at the Walvis Bay Speed Week 2013, in Namibia.

Walvis Bay, one of the driest cities on the planet, welcomed a restricted club of speed sailors for another racing challenge.

With wind speeds blowing between 30-35 knots, only one windsurfer was able to break the 40-knot barrier.

Matthias Roettcher sailed at 40.01 knots in the 500-meter distance to claim the first place in the Walvis Bay Speed Week 2013, held by the Walvis Bay Yacht Club.

In fact, the North Sails team - equipped with their Warp F2013 sails - celebrated the top two places. Hartmut Dichtl finished runner-up at 37.92 knots over 500 meters.

The fastest Namibian sailor is Stefan Metzger, who accelerated at 51.36 knots, in Luderitz, on the 11th November, 2011.