Maximo Nores steals the 2014 US Techno Nationals

April 22, 2014 | Windsurfing
2014 US Techno 293 Nationals: tight sailing

Maximo Nores has claimed the 2014 US Techno 293 Nationals, in Miami, Florida.

Competitors were greeted with with winds ranging between four and 20 knots in three days of competition.

The US National Techno 293 title went to local hero Maximo Nores, ahead of Steven Cramer and Maximo's brother Geronimo Nores: the same triumvirate that ruled the North American Championships in Cancun two months ago.

"It was great to race with people from outside the US," says Maximo. Mariana Aguilar took the Girls division, while Mack Van Den Eerenbeemt won the Boys category.

While the Techno class battled it up for national titles and bragging rights, the RS:X sailors used the event as a tune up. US Olympic development team member Raul Lopez loved that this was a hard-thought yet no-pressure kind of event, and that relaxed attitude showed on his scorecard: he didn't lose a single race.

Diego Becerra from Mexico took advantage of the conditions to make "drastic improvements to (his) downwind technique." Malo Ouallet "took (his) gear tuning skills to another level."

US Youth World Team Member Charlotte Samson used the event to test how her knees were holding up after a long injury timeout. "It's been a while since I've sailed free of pain. I'm really encouraged and looking forward to getting back on the water big time!"

2014 US Techno 293 Nationals:

Techno 293 US Nationals:
1. Maximo Nores (USA)
2. Steven Cramer (USA)
3. Geronimo Nores (USA)

Overall Techno 293 - Girls:
1. Mariana Aguilar (MEX)
2. Paula Carmona (MEX)

Overall Techno 293 - Boys:
1. Mack Van Den Eerenbeemt (ARU)
2. Maximo Nores (USA)
3. Steven Max (ARU)

Overall Techno 293 - Silver Fleet:
1. Michael Cramer (USA)
2. Max Castillo (USA)
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