Land.: a windsurf movie with spectacular helicopter shots

"Land." is one of the most ambitious windsurf movies ever planned. Jan-Willem van Ewijk and a team of filmmakers want to produce a fiction feature film about a young Moroccan windsurfer who sets out on an epic journey along the Moroccan Atlantic coast toward Europe.

"In the spring of 2002, I visited Morocco for the first time and was immediately taken by this beautiful country. There was a group of children and young men hanging around us most of the day. Some of them had learned how to windsurf exceptionally well", explains van Ewijk.

"Years later, I returned to Morocco and became friends with several of these local windsurfers. It was during this visit that I first had the idea to make a film about these Moroccan windsurfers. I imagined what would happen if one of them would windsurf to Europe", the windsurfer added.

The Dutch director presented the story to Moroccan windsurfing star Boujmaa Guilloul and his village friends, and everybody was enthusiastic.

Moroccan writer Abdelhadi Samih helped Jan-Willem van Ewijk write the script, and the project was invited to Robert Redford's Sundance Lab and the Binger Filmlab.

Meanwhile, many people have joined the journey to make this movie.

Bero Beyer, who produced the Oscar Nominated film "Paradise Now", renowned actors Mohamed Majd and Thekla Reuten and acclaimed director of photography Jasper Wolf will support the windsurfing movie, which may be released in 2013.

"Land." is a big production company and will need to rent a helicopter for an extended period of time.

After raising almost one million euros, the team is still several hundred thousand dollars short on the total film budget.

That is why a contribution to the crowdfunding campaign is being held online to help close part of the gap and enable Jan-Willem van Ewijk to rent the helicopter to film the spectacular windsurfing scenes on the ocean.

Watch how "Land." is being prepared.

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