Eilat, Israel: a windsurfing heaven in the Red Sea

The Middle East has plenty of wind. And that's always a good thing when you're a freestyle windsurfer.

Nadav Cohen is an enthusiastic sailboarder and filmmaker from Eilat, a small port and resort town located in the south of Israel.

The country's southernmost city is a stunning open window into the Red Sea and a tourist destination for domestic and international travelers.

Cohen grew up near these long strips of sand and around the desert beauty that lies between Jordan and Egypt.

"My father taught me how to windsurf when I was 12," Nadav tells SurferToday.

"At the age of 22, I moved to the center of Israel to study music. At the same time, I was getting into filming and video editing."

So, after a few years, Nadav Cohen went back to Eilat with a good camera, water housing, and motivation to shoot Eilat's freestyle windsurfing scene.

"I love the community and the friendship we have at the beach. Some of the windsurfers are pros; others are just occasional sailboarders like myself."

"When we don't sail or film, we travel the mountains or jam in my shelter. There are many great musicians in our city and our beach."

Edom: The Red Mountains That Watch Over Eilat

After ten months of shooting in and out of the water, Cohen had finally captured enough footage to produce "Edom," an 11-minute film featuring some of the local stars.

"It felt good to be back home after a few years and document my friends ripping the Red Sea with some funky moves," says Cohen.

Interestingly, the film's title is a tribute to the mountains in Jordan that rise above Eilat.

Edom was an ancient territory located between Moab, Arabah, and the Arabian Desert that is now divided between Israel and Jordan.

In Hebrew, the word "Edom" also means red, and that's the colors of the mountains Cohen sees every day, especially at sunrise and sunset.

But his video is also a testament of faith in what Eilat and Israel have to offer to water sports addicts - plenty of windy and sunny days and lots of action.

Get ready to witness Israel's best freestyle windsurfers blasting the warm waters of the Red Sea.

The film features Adam Gavriel, Eliran Levi, Yarden Meir, Yonatan Yagen, Zohar Torfstein, Dylan Levi, Shahar Belilos, Michael Arazi, Noam Dadon, Shay Zeidenberg, Neil Cukier, Tal Hodera, Tom Goren, Ilay Bamnolker, Eilon Wilson, Reef Markman, Daniel Harari and Oran Akirav.

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