Nicolas Huguet reconquers the Raceboard European Championships

August 29, 2016 | Windsurfing
Nicolas Huguet: the 2016 European Raceboard champion | Photo: Raceboard Class

Nicolas Huguet has been crowned the 2016 European Raceboard champion, at Crocodiles de l'Elorn, in Brest, France.

Despite the shifty wind conditions, the Raceboard European Championships were a huge success, with 90 windsurfers coming from 15 countries to compete in three divisions: Men, Women, and Division II.

In the first three days, sailors only managed to complete two races, but the Men's battle ended up crowning a champion after nine races. The ladies found their winner in eight races.

France dominated all divisions. Huguet reconquered last year's title, and he will now have time to rest after a long competitive period.

"What a great Raceboard European Championship! Nine perfect races in the Brest bay, with perfect wind for upwind railing and enjoying tactical game! I'm happy to win a new title, but now it's time to come back home after a long journey through Rio and Brest!" expressed Nicolas Huguet.

In the Women's division, Jeanne Mailhos won seven of the eight races and is the undisputed 2016 European champion. The Division II windsurfers fought hard to raise the trophy, but it was Alain Cadre who celebrated in the end.

The next event on the Raceboard agenda is the 2016 World Championships set for Brisbane, Australia, from November 20th-25th.

Raceboard European Championships 2016 | Top 3

1. Nicolas Huguet (FRA)
2. Toni Torres (SPA)
3. Christophe Boutet (FRA)

1. Jeanne Mailhos (FRA)
2. Farah Hall (USA)
3. Anto La Balilla (SPA)

Division II
1. Alain Cadre (FRA)
2. Nicolas Le Gal (FRA)
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