Nicolas Schreier reconquers the Formula Experience World Championship

January 4, 2012 | Windsurfing
Nicolas Schreier: to everybody who still don't know the Peruvian flag

Nicolas Schreier has reconquered the Formula Experience World Championship, in Cancun, Mexico. The 25-year-old Peruvian from Lima secured the 2011 title, after 12 races of tight windsurfing battles.

It was a memorable competition with great weather conditions for speed windsurfing. There were light winds and temperatures of 24-28 degrees, every day. Stand-up paddle board competitions and fun beach activities were an excelent addition to the Formula Experience Worlds.

Schreier won seven of the 12 races and finished ahead with 14 points. Luis Fernando Souza, from Brazil, took the silver medal, despite leading the initial day of competition.

The bronze medal went to the Mexican windsurfer, Maricio Martinez. With only 16 years of age, the young Mexican Ignacio Berenguer, from Cancun, showed why he deserved the fourth place in the overall rankings.

Demita Vega took the 2011 Women's Formula Experience World Championship and placed 7th in the overall statistic.

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