Philip Köster masters the waves of Lancelin

January 10, 2014 | Windsurfing
Philip Köster: the loop master

Philip Köster has taken out the Wave division of the Lancelin Ocean Classic 2014, in Western Australia.

The opening events got underway in perfect weather conditions. Sailors had 20 knots of wind, and 6-foot waves peeling in front of their eyes, thanks to a powerful ground swell.

Mother nature delivered some of the best conditions the tournament has seen for this year’s opening event. A 20-knot breeze combined with four to six foot waves had spectators licking their lips.

The two-time world wave windsurfing champion has pulled off a remarkable double forward loop, to secure victory in the final of the elite Wave competition, at the Lancelin Ocean Classic.

Köster was followed by Glenn Alexander, from Western Australia. In fact, Alexander scored higher in the wave riding component, but was overcome by the German's aerial arsenal, which included a one-footed back loop.

Interestingly, nine out of the top 10 wave windsurfers were riding Severne sails.

Lancelin Ocean Classic 2014 | Results

1. Philip Köster
2. Glenn Alexander
3. Graham Wood
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