PWA World Cup celebrates return of Cold Hawaii

April 16, 2014 | Windsurfing
Cold Hawaii: a truly competitive windsurf spot

The Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2014 will return to the professional windsurfing circuit.

Thanks to the massive local support, Denmark's most prestigious windsurfing event is back in the 2014 calendar. Thisted Forsikring, a local and acknowledged Danish insurance company, and Thy-Mors HF & VUC, a local institution of education, are the main sponsors.

Last but not least, representatives from four Cold Hawaii towns are participating alongside Friends of Cold Hawaii, organizer of the event, in the daily work of finding more local advertisers for the event.

In addition to Klitmøller, Vorupør, Stenbjerg and Agger and thus all the villages located along the Cold Hawaii coastline are participating.

"I know that our friends in Denmark have been working tirelessly trying to resuscitate the event, and they deserve every recognition for their successful efforts," explains Richard Page, the PWA World Tour manager.

The world's best windsurfers are pleased with the good news. Kenneth Danielsen, a local sailor, notes that "it takes place where I learned to wave sail and still spend most of the year training".

Robby Swift says "Denmark has been one of my favorite spots for the past four years", while Victor Fernandez has "very good memories of the past few years where I achieved great results".

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