Sean O'Brien triumphs at 2012 Penang International Regatta

March 9, 2012 | Windsurfing
Sean O'Brien: he loves Asia

Sean O'Brien has stormed the 2012 Penang International Regatta and claimed the overall trophy, in Malaysia. This is one of the premier sailing events in the country.

"I’m getting used to racing in Asia and really enjoying it. The winds were around 8-10 knots and I took a flying port start to lead up the first windward", explains the Australian windsurfer.

The Penang International Regatta has a long marathon challenge. The epic hour-long punishment sailing all up and down the bay in front of the club got started with 30 Formula sailors.

"I managed to cross the line in first, despite sailing about 10km the wrong way when I got lost in the mist out in front, with local legend Yeap Leong Soon following hot on my heels the whole way in second", adds O'Brien.

Sean sailed with the AC-1 Handcrafted 11.5-metre sail and only took one sail, one mast, one boom and one fin to Penang.

In the last day of races, the Formula Windsurfing fleet had to drift for 300 metres before reaching the wind line into the start. O'Brien's longtime rival and Thai friend Ruamsap Phanuthat beat him in the top mark on both laps, before Sean pipped him on the line downwind to take the win.

2012 Penang International Regatta | Results

1. Sean O’Brien (AUS)
2. Ruamsap Phanuthat (THA)
3. Chris Newman (GBR)
4. Yeap Leong Soon (MAS)
5. Levi Cheang (MAS)
6. Harold Ma (SIN)
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