Stuart Martin wins the 2012 Australian Wavesailing Titles

October 30, 2012 | Windsurfing
Stuart Martin: from the sahpe room to the podium

Stuart Martin has conquered the 2012 Australian Wavesailing title, in Woolgoolga, New South Wales, Australia.

The capital of Australian wave windsurfing did not disappoint the fleet of sailors, despite low wind conditions. Winners of the single eliminations took the overall victory in the event.

Despite being out of the spotlight for 10 years, Stuart "Stuey" Martin stormed the 2012 Australian Wavesailing Titles, in great style. He left the shape room and the kites to show who's ruling waves in the country of kangaroos.

Stuart Martin also wanted a tasteful revenge, after losing in the early rounds, last year. The rider from New South Wales defeated Dan Berry in the final heat. Berry performed very well, on the road to the decisive clash, with vertical, creative moves in the wave face.

The winner was decided in the dying minutes of the final, with controversy in the mix. Did Stuart Martin get an interference in Dan's wave? No. "Stuey" pumps and drives all speed into the lip to smash it and land in the white water.

"It felt really difficult, I found it hard. Fitness wise it was tough on my body and I basically had to learn how to jump all over again. There is a big difference to jumping a kite to a windsurfer", Martin told the Boardseeker Mag.

In the Women's division, Jessica Crisp and Kate Barker headed to the final with big hopes of taking the Australian Wavesailing title. An incredible Onehanded Table Top secured Jessica's first place.

"It was fun to be planning and giving a few jumps a whirl. Luke and myself had a bet to do a Jesus Christ jump (Onehanded Table Top). I managed to do one, but I think I have to get more gusty and tweak it more for next time", revealed Crisp.

Open Pro
1. Stuart Martin
2. Dan Berry
3. Shane Finigan
4. Joel Ryan

1. Nic Walker

1. Zac Colman
2. Jake Juretic
3. Lachlan Boullier

Open Am
1. Aaron Constable
2. Luke Ballie
3. Kirk Koster

1. Oliver Barta
2. Pat OConnell
3. Lloyd Ellis

1. Jessica Crisp
2. Kate Barker
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