2011 Midwest Speed Quest returns to Lake Okabena

May 2, 2011 | Windsurfing
Midwest Speed Quest: always fun

The 2011 Midwest Speed Quest is coming quickly. The US speed windsurfing event will feature the best racers in the world and will deliver over $3500 in prize money.

The fastest windsurfer on Lake Okabena will earn $1000 in cash. The speed records will be measured by "The Best Ten Second Run". The 2011 Midwest Speed Quest follows the rules and methods set out by GPS Speed Surfing.

The famous "Economic Stimulus Package" was a success in 2009 and 2010 and shall be repeated again in 2011. Starting May 1, 2011, the first run over 30 knots gets $100 in cash.

This has been a long and cold winter. Spring has arrived late this year. The windsurfing competition is on from May 1st to October 15th. Pick a windy day that fits your schedule, and come on down.

The wind forecast for May 1st is terrific, with base winds of 26 mph and gusts of 36. The organizations expects sailors from ages 6 to 96 and provides the GPS unit. The official device of the Midwest Speed Quest is the GT-31 by Locosys Technology.

Again for 2011, there will be a "500 Meter Alpha Racing Category", in which the best average speed is measured through a jibe and easily calculated by the GPS speed software. The goal is to recognize those racers who have excellent technical skills on the Race Course.

The Midwest Speed Quest runs on a completely flexible schedule over a six month period. You decide when you want to race. Find a windy day that fits your schedule and send a message to the organization when you're coming down. Craig Bergh, the man behind the Midwest Speed Quest, is waiting for your call.

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