Tom Monnet steals gold at the 2014 Techno 293 European Championship

April 30, 2014 | Windsurfing
Tom Monnet: heading to the Lake Garda cliffs | Photo: Patrik Pollak

Tom Monnet and Noy Drihan have been crowned the 2014 Techno 293 European champions, in the Under 17 division, at Lake Garda, Italy.

The event attracted the largest number of windsurfers in the history of the Techno 293 European Championships. A total of 300 athletes from 27 countries competed in five divisions.

Tom Monnet, 14, totally blew away the competition to take the Under 17 Boys European champion title, with a clear 27-point lead over his nearest rivals, Alec Herledan and Titouan Le Bosq.

Tom Arnaux is the Under 15 Boys European champion, with almost half the points of his closest rival Geronimo Nores, from the USA. Leonidas Tsortanidis and Brit Joshua Carey take silver and bronze.

Noy Drihan is the Under 17 Girls European champion with club mate Shoval Ratitzky in second place on the podium. They are joined by Mariam Sekhposyan, from the Baltic Coast, in third.

Giorgia Speciale, 14, last year's European champion and current world champion, is the Under 15 Girls European queen, once again. Natalia Arapoglou was second and Lidia Sulikowska took third.

In the Techno 293 Plus fleet, the victory went to Frenchman Julien Bouyer, followed by compatriot Olivier Tuhault. Third place on the podium went to Italy's Tommaso Tensi.

2014 Techno 293 European Championship | Results

Under 17 Boys
1. Tom Monnet
2. Alec Herledan
3. Titouan Le Bosq

Under 17 Girls
1. Noy Drihan
2. Shoval Ratitzky
3. Mariam Sekhposyan

Under 15 Boys
1. Tom Arnaux
2. Leonidas Tsortanidis
3. Joshua Carey

Under 15 Girls
1. Giorgia Speciale
2. Natalia Arapoglou
3. Lidia Sulikowska

Techno 293 Plus
1. Julien Bouyer
2. Olivier Tuhault
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