Twelve world champions line up for the 2015 Défi Wind

April 20, 2015 | Windsurfing
Défi Wind: 1000 windsurfers sailing 40 kilometers | Photo: Jean-Marc Cornu/Red Bull

The 15th edition of Défi Wind will feature more than 1200 windsurfers, at Gruissan, in France. The event will run from 14th-17th May, 2015.

Pro and amateur sailors of all windsurfing discipline have only one goal: to cross the finish line of one of the world's largest racing marathon. Twelve world champions will attend the competition, including Antoine Albeau, Philip Koster, Jason Polakow, Thomas Traversa and Bjorn Dunkerbeck.

The 2015 Défi Wind has entries from 34 nations. The rider's age ranges from 13 to 71 years of age, and they will aim at the 40-kilometer adventure with the help of the famous Tramontana wind.

"The Défi Wind is really important to me because it's my first competition outside my island, and it is also the biggest gathering of windsurfers in the world," underlines Mathilde Zampieri, 14, who is ready for her first Défi.

"I really can't wait! My objective is to compete in all the races; my results aren't that important - the most important thing for me is to have a great time out there on the water."

The Tramontana wind has its secrets. When it is blowing from the north you can stay wide out to sea, but you can also lock-in your quads and stick close to the beach as if you were doing a 10-kilometer speed run.

On the way back you also stay close in to the beach to avoid the chop out to sea. If the wind is from the west, you stay out wide at the start then come in gradually to the beach to take advantage of the flat water.

Andrea Cucchi won the 2014 Défi Wind. Who will claim this year's trophy?

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