Van der Eyken claims De Slag om Domburg 2016

November 24, 2016 | Windsurfing
Dieter Van der Eyken: flying high in Domburg, Zeeland | Photo: Danny Bastiaanse

Dieter Van der Eyken has taken out the De Slag om Domburg 2016, in Zeeland, in the Netherlands.

The event organized by and for windsurfers had one the strongest storms of the year (Storm Angus) with high winds and huge swells. After waiting nine weeks for Mother Nature, the green flag was raised on the 20th November.

De Slag om Domburg is a single elimination wave windsurfing contest, in which judges privilege old school tricks. Because of the extreme conditions - winds of 50 knots - all athletes opted for riding with their smallest sails, but they were all still pretty much overpowered.

When the final arrived, the wind dropped, and the participants were allowed to make a few changes in the equipment - bigger sails, and board tweaks for improved riding.

"In the end, I managed to score two long waves which I rode all the way to the inside and scored a good back loop to take the win in tricky conditions," explained Dieter Van der Eyken.

"I actually got washed all the way down the beach so far after crashing my last wave that I had to almost get back one kilometer upwind to where we started!"

The beaches of Domburg are among the cleanest in the Netherlands.

De Slag om Domburg 2016 | Top 5

1. Dieter Van der Eyken
2. Eric Rutjes
3. Mike Bosseart
4. Erik de Landmeter
5. Pim van der Borgt
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