Victor Fernandez and Marcilio Browne score big Jaws

March 17, 2011 | Windsurfing
Marcilio Browne: good bottom turn, boy

Professional windsurfers have been enjoying great times in Hawaii. As winter seems to fade away, there's still windy days that will be remembered.

Jaws has been on fire. The famous surf spot located in Peʻahi has been delivering outstanding windsurfing weather conditions, with steady 10-25 knot winds.

That's why windsurfers Victor Fernández (Spain) and Marcilio Browne (Brazil) have prepared their gear and scored massive waves, in one of the most consistent swells of the last years.

There are not many days like these, so the Fanatic and North Sails international riders got huge sets and the coolest wave rides.

"It was all worth, we scored a great day in Jaws. Looking forward to get back in the water, tomorrow", told an excited Marcilio Browne in his Facebook page.