Windsurf News Headlines and Top Stories

Huig-Jan Tak has been crowned the first ever Under 23 Kona On  2016 world champion.
Wiping out riding a windsurf board with a sail attached to it is always an intimidating experience. Especially, if you're descending a giant slope at Jaws, in Maui.
Nicolas Huguet has been crowned the 2016 European Raceboard champion, at Crocodiles de l'Elorn, in Brest, France.
Windsurfing land simulators allow beginners to understand the basic sailing positions and maneuvers, but they are also helpful to teach first-timers the behavior of the wind.
What do windsurfing and poetry have in common? Apparently, nothing. But Michael Fallent found a way to blend both worlds. He says windsurfing is his verse.
British windsurfer Adam Lewis has flown higher to claim the Dunkerbeck Extreme Jump Challenge 2016, held at Siam Park, in Tenerife.

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