Windsurf News Headlines and Top Stories

The harness allows a windsurfer to get planing and transfers the force of the wind aways from your arms to the body. Learn how to sail for hours without aching muscles.
Ho Tsun Leung has taken out the Men's division at the 2016 RS:One World Championships, held in Penghu, Taiwan.
It might sound strange, but sometimes we need to apply the brakes to our windsurfer. Whether you're sailing too fast, or you simply want to avoid a collision, it's always important to know how to stop.
Ingrid Puusta has completed the crossing of the Baltic Sea on a windsurfer.
The world's best wave windsurfers were not able to showcase their talent in the Danish waves of Cold Hawaii because Mother Nature didn't deliver the standard required to kick off the contest.
There's nothing like good advice to push us forward. If you're new to windsurfing, there are a few recommendations that can be useful before you start sailing.

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