2009 Nomad Shark Island Challenge

The 2009 Nomad Shark Island Challenge is officially underway. Riders were on hand at a huge in store promotion for Emerald Surf City before getting down to business for the official contest and briefing night.

As per normal SIC ethics, due to the “no knockout system” the names were drawn from a hat to ensure a fair and non-bias draw was achieved.

Riders were briefed on all rules and criteria for this unique event with the point being that there is only going to be one winner.

As the riders passed around the cheque for $10,000 it was put to them plain and simple – the rider who successfully rides the best waves, executes the most powerful/most radical moves in the most critical part of the wave and who pulls into the biggest/deepest barrels, exiting in a clean fashion with style will be deemed the winner.

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Damian Prisk 

"The Life of Prisk" is a bodyboarding documentary featuring the incredible life of Damian Prisk, Britain’s most successful bodyboarder ever.

The film is directed by Steve Wright, a bodyboarder from Plymouth. The DVD will be available in the end of July.

Damien Prisk won six British Bodyboard National Championships. Watch the trailer of "The Life of Prisk".

Joe Clarke leads the 2009 IBA Australasia ranking

Queenslander Joe Clarke has been on fire this year and is currently leading the ratings going into the next event the "Soldiers Beach Pro" on July 16 -19.

Entries need to be recieved no later than Tuesday 14th July (10am)  otherwise you wil have to pay the $20 late fee and risk losing your seeding so GET THEM OUT NOW!!!!!

Joe will have to defend his lead against the likes of Corey McLean (Qld) and Dave Winchester (NSW) at the 3 Star rated event.

Nicole Flemming is leading the Womens ratings and Dane Pope leads the DK.

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