The Summer Surf Gear Guide 2015: all you need for an endless summer | Photo: Damian Gadal/Creative Commons

The long awaited summer waves are back. If we close our eyes, we can already feel them beneath our feet, as we gain speed through the warm wind. Gear up with this year's ultimate surfing items and make your wildest surf dreams come true.

As we step deep into spring, we finally leave cold, rainy days behind us and begin to plan our long awaited summer adventures.

Sandy beaches, hot temperatures, beautiful landscapes, music, friends and, hopefully, the best waves of our lives, are now a palpable reality.

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Shawn Barron: an artist of the big waves | Photo: Doug Acton

Mavericks legend Shawn "Barney" Barron has passed away at 44.

The surfer from Santa Cruz apparently suffered a heart attack. The Californian surf scene in a state of shock. Barron had recently been involved in Operation Surf, a surf learning program for wounded war veterans.

"It's been a few hours since I learned of the passing of my friend Shawn 'Barney' Barron. I've been reminiscing of trips, parties and surfs we've shared. Each and every one of those memories brings a smile to my face," underlines Peter Mel.

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The Wedge, 4th May, 2015: when duck dives don't work

For two consecutive days, The Wedge delivered vertical drops into the abyss. Some say it was the best session of 2015 so far.

On May 4th, at 7am, The Wedge was already pumping. Hundreds of pro and amateur photographers and videographers were pointing their lenses towards the most popular peak in Newport Beach.

The conditions were simply great. Despite the lack of that warm summer sun, the barrels, wipeouts and stormy close-outs that made The Wedge famous were there. Don't complain. Just enjoy.

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