Cutback: burying rail and getting back to the curl | Photo: Cazenave/Quiksilver

Whether you're a highly competitive pro surfer, or simply a passionate recreational surfer, you've got to master the art of the cutback. It's the ultimate surf maneuver for speedy A-frame waves with flat spots.

The cutback defines modern surfing. Back in the day, when surfboards didn't have fins, all you could do was catch the wave and ride it straight to the beach. The fin revolution opened a new chapter in wave riding, and a whole new world of opportunities popped out.

Fins allow surfboards to carve. As a result, if a surfer is going too fast, he needs to return to the power source, by burying rail and getting back to the curl. A cutback is an S-shaped line drawn as wide as possible on the face of the ripple.

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FCS: Mick Fanning will be riding for SurfStitch | Photo: FCS

SurfStitch has bought the iconic surf fin manufacturer FCS for 17.1 million dollars.

The online retailer launched in 2007 by Justin Cameron and Lex Pedersen acquired 100% of the shares of Surf Hardware International (SHI), the company behind the brands FCS, Gorilla, Hydro, and Softech.

"The acquisition of SHI strategically aligns with SurfStitch Group’s core objective to create an environment capable of capturing and influencing customers at all points of the surf and action sports lifestyle cycle," the SurfStitch groups explains.

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Surfing: there are uncommon rules for pro surfers | Photo: Bastien/Quiksilver

Professional surfing has its rules. Just like in any other sport, surfers must know what they can and can't do to beat their opponents and win heats and contests.

Competitive surfing is full of hidden guidelines and directives. Athletes who are new to competitive surfing often make mistakes that cost heats. In the majority of the cases, they are simply too focused on catching waves, and they miss a few basic rules.

One of the worst things that can happen to a pro surfer is to lose a heat due to a naive interference, despite having the highest two-wave score of his man-on-man clash.

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