Papenoo Pro Convertible: a foil stand-up paddleboard | Photo: F-One

F-One announced the launch of Papenoo Pro Convertible, a foil stand-up paddleboard (SUP).

The short SUP foil board allows riders to accelerate and perform in small wave conditions. The brand says that the kit will excel in knee-to-head-high surf.

The Papenoo Pro Convertible features a rectangular outline, carbon construction, a four-fin setup, and is available in two sizes: 7'7'' and 7'11''.

Marijuana: a medicinal herb, but not for surfing | Photo: Creative Commons

Surfers have always smoked cannabis to enhance the wave riding experience and the connection with the ocean. But the flipside of relaxation might make you think twice before lighting a pre-surf marijuana joint.

In theory, you don't need to smoke pot to experience the thrill of surfing at its purest form. If you need an extra metaphysical sensation, try closing eyes while trimming a wave towards the sun.

In practice, there's nothing more straightforward - smoke is not good for your health. And surfing already is an addiction itself.

Surfing waves: know what the surf forecasting terms mean | Photo: Shutterstock

What is the definition of swell? What are the parts of a wave? What the most important surf forecasting terms? How do you name the highest part of a wave?

Surf science has its own expressions. That is why we've decided to "translate" some of the most relevant wave terms. Surf forecasting is the art of predicting how the ocean waves will arrive and break at our shores. It's more efficient than a crystal ball because it truly works.

Surf scientists have been fine-tuning the variables involved in oceanography and meteorology using technological tools, computational models, and advanced mathematical calculations to anticipate our surf session.