Mick Fanning: hitting the lip with feet moving backward

Feet position on a surfboard is critical. From the moment you pop-up until you reach the white water, your feet will be constantly working and shifting. How do you stand up on the board?

In surfing, feet mean balance, control and speed. With the help of your hips and arms, your feet will swing you through the optimal surf line. That is why feet positioning on a surfboard is a must-have lesson.

Fortunately, there's a golden rule. Your front foot should always be in the middle of the plank - lengthwise and widthwise - regardless of what size your board is. That is the classic, general position.


Wavelength Magazine: pumping since 1981

Wavelength Magazine has been bought by a group of surfers and is seeking crowd funding support to keep it alive in print and digital environments.

In 1981, photographers John Conway and Jeff Tydeman gave birth Wavelength. Europe's longest running surf mag has been traveling through decades of change in the surf industry, and in media.

When Wavelength was born, there was no internet and Mark Richards was ruling the IPS World Circuit. Kelly Slater was an unknown surfer, and there were still two German states.


Gasoline: catamarans produce waves in the Tagus River | Photo: Gasoline

Garrett McNamara will surf the wake of the catamarans that cross the Tagus River, in Lisbon, Portugal, on the 28th April, 2014.

The Hawaiian big wave rider was invited to surf the "Gasoline" river wave, an artificial ride created by modern full-throttle catamarans which connect Lisbon and Barreiro.

The "Gasoline" surf spot is only available six days per month, depending on the schedule of the big boat, the tide and moon phase. It offers a two-foot wave that can be ridden for up to 150 meters.