Quincy Symonds: getting barreled at six years of age

Her voice tells us her age. But her surfing skills are way beyond average. Meet Quincy Symonds, a young lady with a promising future in the waves.

Sean Slobodan, the director behind "Quincy," says "it's hard to put into words an experience like this. She deals with a lot of attention and somehow remains as normal a kid as can be."

Quincy wanted to follow his dad's footsteps. When Jake Symonds returned one day from Snapper Rocks, she said she was going surfing the next day.

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Fiji Pro: Fanning finds the ramp | Photo: ASP/Robertson

For many pro surfers on Tour, it's the best stage of the season. The Fiji Pro 2015 will return to Cloudbreak and Restaurants, from June 7th-19th, in Tavarua.

Located in the heart of the South Pacific, the vibrant surf breaks of Tavarua are ready to challenge the world's best wave riders. Fiji will always be Fiji. Transparent waters and exciting swells.

The Fiji Pro 2015 has two world-class left-handers waiting for the international contingent of surfers. Cloudbreak breaks about a mile out from the island of Tavarua, offering deep barrels, fast-moving wave faces and occasional air sections. Alternatively, Restaurants is the perfect backup break.

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Sean Yoro: the stand up paddleboard artist | Photo: Hulaaa.com

Sean Yoro is an artist like no other. He says he paints "things on things." We say we love what he does.

Never mind the tides. Sean Yoro, also known as Hula, has created a series of murals just above sea level. Confused? The artistic process is not entirely orthodox, but it is certainly worth the effort.

Well, the artist from Oahu, Hawaii, and currently based in New York paints hyperrealistic portraits of women emerging from the water. Sean Yoro depicts women in industrial and abandoned spots.

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