AHD Sealion Wings: a stand-up paddle foil board | Photo: AHD

A French boardsports company has developed a stand-up paddle (SUP) foil board. And it works.

AHD has been building a reputation in the windsurfing industry for quite a while. The brand started shaping windsurf boards in the 1980s. However, in the last decade, marketeer Bruno Andre and shaper Pascal Gerber decided to try something entirely new.

They wanted to produce and sell innovative and disruptive products, and they ended up designing and testing the Sealion Wings, a board that combines the features of a windSUP, a stand-up paddleboard and windsurf foil board.

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NLand Surf Park: artificial waves in the heart of Austin

The NLand Surf Park, the first Wavegarden surf pool built in North America, will be the size of nine football fields.

The artificial wave park will open in Austin, Texas, during spring 2016. The man behind the landlocked surfing dream is Doug Coors, a surfer-engineer who has been one 15-year journey to find the ultimate man-made wave.

The NLand Surf Park is a giant project, and it will deliver three types of rollers: one-foot waves for beginner surfers, four-foot breakers for the intermediate rides, and six-foot tube surf for the advanced wave warriors.

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Barra da Tijuca: perfect and polluted | Photo: Smorigo/WSL

The 2016 Rio Pro will likely be relocated because of the severe pollution in the city's waters.

The World Surf League (WSL) is planning to move the contest site from Barra da Tijuca to a surf spot located further west. Health concerns rise, as the city of Rio de Janeiro prepares to host the 2016 Olympic Games next August.

"I don't recall another incident, at least in the last ten years, where we've had an issue with water pollution," Dave Prodan, the WSL spokesman, told Associated Press.

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