Catching waves: beginners surfers must paddle for a wave as soon as possible | Photo: Shutterstock

How do you catch a wave in surfing? This is probably the first question a beginner surfer will ask when they grab the surfboard and hit the water for the first time.

Catching your first wave is an exciting moment in surfing. The secret is to paddle into a wave with method and synchronization. Frenetic paddling will not take you anywhere and, in the process, you must include, not only your hands but your arms too.

When you're catching a wave, you need to get your surfboard moving as fast as possible in the water to match the speed of the wave. Many novice surfers lose waves because they don't paddle hard enough for them.

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Montgomery 'Buttons' Kaluhiokalani: one of the most iconic surfers of the 1970s | Photo: Aloha Buttons

"Aloha Buttons," a documentary film about the life of Montgomery Kaluhiokalani, promises to reveal fresh details about one of the most iconic surfers of the 1970s.

"Buttons" was what we usually call a legend. His bold personality - in and out of the water - reached many people, but it was his passion for surfing that really stood out.

The Hawaiian only lived 54 years. He was an ambassador of Aloha and, despite a few problems with drugs in the early 2000s, "Buttons" managed to recover his health. At 51, he was still dropping into a few Teahupoo bombs.

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Clay Marzo: a surfing prodigy with Asperger's syndrome | Photo:

Hawaiian surfer Clay Marzo has found himself bankrupt after being embezzled of his life savings and his property by his bookkeeper.

Felicidad Rivera, a 51-year-old bookkeeper from Makawao, Hawaii, has been indicted for fraud for allegedly taking $400,000 over six and a half years from the Marzo.

According to the authorities, Rivera wrote herself no less than 193 checks from 2010 to 2016, and paid her credit card charges from Marzo's personal account, in the same period.

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