Dale Webster: celebrating four decades of consecutive surfing | Photo: Dale Gilbert

Dale Webster has spent the last four decades (14610 days) surfing every day. Now, he's finally ready to take a break.

If you want to live the dream, go surfing. But if you're interested in breaking the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive days spent riding waves, then you'd better start now.

"The Daily Wavester" kicked off his daily surfing campaign on September 3rd, 1975. Since then, whether it's rain or shine, Dale has caught at least three rollers, mainly at Bodega Bay, in Northern California.

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The Surfing Christmas Gift Guide for 2015: share a ride with Santa

The days are shorter, and we are reminded that it's time to start planning our wish lists for Christmas. Are you still out of ideas, for yourself or the surfers in your life? This year, we curated the best and newest surfing must-haves, to give you plenty of inspiration.

We hardly noticed it, but Christmas time is just around the corner, and it's time to please our inner surfer, or favorite surfer, with some extra special gifts.

The Christmas holidays are a welcome excuse to splurge on that wetsuit he or she coveted so much, to put a smile on a surfer's face with an unexpected surf drone or to replace a worn-out surf gear, after a summer of hard work on the water.

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Sandmarc Floater Head Strap: a quality POV GoPro accessory | Photo: Sandmarc

Want to become a point-of-view (POV) surf movie master? The Sandmarc Floater Head Strap Edition is a must-have GoPro accessory.

GoPro reshaped the way we immortalize the best rides of our lives. Surfing and surfers gained a lot with the surf camera revolution. And today, the GoPro accessory list is infinite.

Sandmarc's Head Strap is just perfect. It's compact, lightweight - weighs only 140 grams (five ounces) - and fits all heads and helmets. When you put it, you'll immediately feel comfortable.

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