Ricardo Christie: ready to storm the World Surf League | Photo: ASP/Robertson

Richard Christie is the first Kiwi surfer to qualify for the elite of surfing, since Maz Quinn reached the ASP World Tour, in 2002.

The surfer from Gisborne, who gets called "Ricardo" by his brothers, waited an agonising 16 days before being confirmed on the 2015 World Surf League.

If Alejo Muniz had won the Billabong Pipe Masters, Christie was out of the Dream Tour. The Brazilian ended up finishing fifth, and Richard was finally able to celebrate.


Mavericks: heavy pit | Photo: Shalom Jacobovitz

The waiting period for the inaugural Titans of Mavericks runs between January 1st and March 31st. When the green light is lit, 24 surfing titans will defy the iconic big wave break located at Half Moon Bay, California.

The one-day competition will crown a legend for the history books. Surviving huge wipeouts, cold water, and a shark-infested line-up is not a challenge for the average surfer.

But the Titans of Mavericks 2015 is more than a life-risking action sports contest. There will be live music, food, workshops and social events. Spectators will have the opportunity to watch riders defying their own fate, in safe viewing spots, and near high-quality screens.


Mike Tabeling: a pioneer of surfing in the East Coast

Mike Tabeling, one of the pioneers of surfing in the East Coast of United States, has passed away at 65.

Tabeling is a legend. A shining star in the Cocoa Beach surfing scene. Mike was a passionate surfer, who didn't let a rare and aggressive form of Renal Cell Carcinoma/Papillary II change his sports life.

Mike Tabeling was one of the first surfers on the East Coast. He participated in the 1968 United States Surfing Championships, and finished runner-up; Mike rode his waves at the ISF World Surfing Championships (1966, 1968 and 1970), too. And we was really talented.