Surf magazines: more than 400 titles were published between 1960 and 2002 | Photo: Wedge & Lever

There are more surf magazines in the planet than you would probably expect. Discover the complete list of surf-inspired publications with newsstand distribution.

According to Al Hunt from, a website dedicated to identifying and tracking surf magazines, at least 40 countries launched periodicals with surfers and surf-related topics on the front cover.

Today, the early editions and extinct surf publications are in the hands of a few magazine collectors, who are still buying old and rare issues. As with anything in life, surf nostalgia is a smart investment.

Running: one of the best workouts for surfers | Photo: Shutterstock

Staying active is the best way to surf more and better. A weekly running and jogging routine will directly impact on your surfing. All you need is 30 minutes, twice a week.

Running is not only good because it helps burning calories. It is good for your mental health, too. It will make you happier, and always motivated to go surfing.

Running and jogging are aerobic exercises. They will help you lose weight and improve the general health status. Running is a more intense and fast-paced version of jogging.

Wavegarden Scotland: the surf pool technology is heading to Edinburgh | Photo: Wavegarden Scotland

Scotland wants a Wavegarden. The artificial wave technology might be heading to Ratho, near Edinburgh.

The capital city of Scotland is sometimes blessed by North Sea swells but, this time, the waves are coming from an inland source.

A disused quarry located near Ratho could be the perfect spot for the surf pool powered by Wavegarden's second generation technology - The Cove.